Dealing With Anxiety

dealing with anxietyDealing With Anxiety

With the fast pace of life and the pressures of society these days, tens of millions of us find ourselves dealing with anxiety on a daily basis.  Whether it’s the fledgling economy, job and family stress, or just struggling to keep up, it seems all of us have plenty to worry about.

Here are a couple of tips to help you learn skills for coping with anxiety without leaning on pills for relief.


Tip #1:  Can You Control What You’re Worried About?

So many people these days are constantly flipping out over the bad economy.  They spend the day checking their shrinking savings accounts and 401k’s over and over again, making themselves sick with worry.  But what good does it do to worry about something you can’t control?

None!  So try to let go of constantly reminding yourself of such situations.  Stop checking to see what the stock market’s doing, or checking the balance in your IRA.  If you can’t do anything about it, your time and emotional energy are much better spent elsewhere.  Part of dealing with anxiety is letting go of that which you can’t control.


Tip #2:  Understand That You Are In Control Of Your Worry

Just because something is lousy and you’re unhappy with it doesn’t mean you HAVE to worry about it.  Seriously!

We all have free will to choose to worry or not:  it’s a conscious decision.  So your car broke down and they can’t fix it for two days.  Though you may feel justified in feeling stressed out about your car, is there really anything that will come from worrying about it?

All worrying does is drain you both mentally and physically, and puts you into a terribly negative state of mind.  It does nothing to solve your dilemma – especially if it’s something out of your control!

So remember, you have the ability to choose what you worry about.  You don’t have to worry about something just because you always have in the past – it’s never too late to retrain your brain to be more positive!  It may take some practice and may even feel a little weird at first, but it’s a change that’s well worth making.

Remember, if you keep doing the same things, you keep getting the same results.  Keep trying new things as you work on your recovery, and dealing with anxiety will become much easier as you find the magic combination that will free you from your worries.

While today you may be merely coping with anxiety and doing your best to get by, keep after it and you’ll get your life back.


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  1. lisa April 6, 2014:

    hi I need all the support I can get , anxiety pills aren’t workin for me now, I get the side affects bad !, I do get b12 shot from doctor , it helps but I still get anxiety , I know where I get it from a person , I cant leave yet , so its the mean while im dealing oh but I dont have human support here so its harder , I look for human support NO LUCK , its not me . oh I have tryed a lot of things really I have , still trying , etc. I will take any info you send me lisa thank you

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    1. Steve Pavilanis April 15, 2014:

      Everything I recommend is available on this site for free. Download my book (it’s now 100% free), in it you’ll find exactly what worked for me and has helped many thousands around the world.

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