How To Relax At Work When You’re Overworked And Stressed Out

how to relax at work How To Relax At Work When Youre Overworked And Stressed Out

How To Relax At Work When You’re Overworked And Stressed Out

Let’s face it, most of us are stressed out at our jobs and it’d be nice if we knew how to relax at work. “But I don’t have time!” I can already hear you saying it, and the truth is, you have to make time to relax! Let’s think about the “I don’t have time” for a minute.

If you’re so busy with work that you don’t have time for anything else, then how on earth do you make time to eat, use the bathroom, or sleep? It’s all about priorities folks. One constant is the amount of time we have each day, but it’s totally up to us how we use that time.

So your boss has given you a mountain of work and you think you’ll have to work nonstop to even make a dent in it. So, you work nonstop, get completely stressed and freaked out, and end up working overtime on the task, and often turn in something that isn’t quite perfect. Sound familiar? It does to me, I did this for years before I snapped myself out of this pattern.  You’ll also have to break this behavior if you ever want to learn how to relax at work.

Something we all need to understand is that when you overload your brain with stress, the result is a very unproductive brain. Let me give you an example. You walk into the office in the morning and your boss hands you an enormous project to complete by the end of the day.

If you’re like most people, you immediately go into panic mode, and the rest of your day is spent hunched over your desk cranking out the work. Your neck gets stiff as a board, your eyes get all bugged-out, and at some point you realize it’s been four hours since you ate or used the restroom so you probably should do something about that. This is the absolute worst way to work!

Everyone’s productivity and effectiveness goes down as stress and fatigue are increased. We do our most effective thinking when we aren’t stressed out, so we need to learn how to relax at work especially under tight deadlines. So the first step is simply to take breaks. I don’t care how busy you are or how looming that deadline is, every 30 minutes, get up and away from your desk for at least 5-10 minutes.


Your mind needs a break, and it simply cannot go full speed ahead all of the time. You need to take your foot off the gas at least a couple of times an hour and get away from the work. This gives your mind a chance to relax and focus on less intense tasks, and gives your body a much needed break as well.

Every couple of hours be sure to get outside for at least 15-30 minutes as well. I don’t care what the weather is like, you were not meant to live caged up in an office all day, so get outside and get some fresh air. It will really help to wake you up and make you more alert, and walking around will increase your heart rate and circulation, giving you a natural boost of energy.  This is a vital piece in learning how to relax at work.

And any form of exercise is one of the best ways to destress. It’s also vital that you keep yourself properly hydrated and remember to eat! When we get hungry and our blood sugar drops, most of us turn into barely functioning talking monkeys. Drink plenty of water, munch on healthy snacks, and don’t overdo it on the coffee.

Follow these tips and you’ll find it much easier to relax while you’re at work. As an added bonus, you’ll get more work done in less time because you’ll be keeping your body and mind refreshed, which will increase your productivity and effectiveness. This will allow you to get more work done in less time, all without you losing your mind and freaking out. How about that for a change!


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    3 Comments on “How To Relax At Work When You’re Overworked And Stressed Out

    1. Moshe Sharon March 12, 2011:

      Anxiety or fretfulness is a persistent feeling of uneasiness over the unfolding of future events. On the one hand this can be good in that it provides us with motivation. The fear of being hungry and homeless provides the drive to go out to work. In such cases, when we see the paycheck and settle into a routine we usually calm down. On the other hand there are many for whom this apprehension persists regardless of the circumstances. This can be either specific, whereby there is an identifiable object of worry or nonspecific, for which there is no apparent reason for being so vexed. This level of discomfort is the opposite of trust and confidence. Thus the root cause of anxiety is in not understanding the relationship between us and our Creator. Even those who truly believe in the Almighty are unable to acknowledge that he is in control of all events and that everything that happens is for our good.

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    2. Joann June 6, 2011:

      Aloha from Hawaii! I’ve been dealing with anxiety/depression since high school and Im 31 now. I was just like you, seeing many different psychologist/psychiatrist and currently taking anti-depressants but I am trying to find a better/healthier way to deal with this. I tried slowly going off of my anti-depressants but it just made me feel worse. I too also looked into yoga, meditation, other spiritual ways to deal with this but its so tough to stay consistent. I came across your vid on youtube and hope to find some relief from this. The tensing and holding your breath for 5 secs really worked for me. I was surprised. Thank you for sharing!!!


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      1. Steve P. June 16, 2011:

        Hi Joann,

        Thanks for your note, and I’m glad the YouTube video is helping. Everyone is different but I’m sure if you follow some of the things I mention on this website and in my book that you’ll find relief too.

        Be sure to sign up for my free newsletter to get all sorts of helpful tips in dealing with and overcoming anxiety.


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