How To Stop Anxiety Naturally

how to stop anxiety naturally

How To Stop Anxiety Naturally

Today I’m going to share  a very important tip for learning how to stop anxiety naturally that anyone can apply to their life right now.  When I say naturally, I mean without medication, be it over the counter or prescription.  All of my strategies on how to cure panic attacks and anxiety and depression are natural in this sense.


Get active, get outside, get back to nature

By this I don’t mean quit your job, sell all your possessions, and go live in the woods.  No… what I’m talking about is spending a little bit of time each day connecting with the world around you.  It’s very important for all of us to get outside and into the fresh air, and spend some time doing… whatever!  If you want to learn how to stop anxiety naturally, walking out your front door is the first step.

This could mean getting up from your desk and walking around the block a few times, or leaving your house and doing the same.  Oh it’s cold outside?  Put on a coat!  Humans were never meant to sit cooped for hours stuffed inside a house or office.  Our bodies need physical exercise and movement, otherwise all sorts of stuff starts to go wrong with us.  Our joints get stiff, our lower back starts tightening up, and our muscles literally waste away when not used.

You really can calm down anxious feelings with exercise no matter what kind of shape you’re in.  Any time I’m not feeling well, perhaps I’m a little anxious or depressed, I push myself to go to the gym and exercise.  Without fail, I mean 100% of the time, it always works to make me feel better instantly.  It’s the best natural remedy for anxiety I’ve ever found.

And that’s just the physical side of it, the mental side can be much worse.  Inactivity and being sedentary is absolutely terrible for our psyche.  We are not computers who can spend 24/7 just being intellectual – we MUST get physical activity and some degree of exercise, or we throw everything way out of balance.  You see, exercise is one of the most effective natural anxiety remedies out there.

In my personal experience, the times in my life when I’ve felt most awful, anxious and depressed, were also the times when I was in my worst physical shape.  Of course I’m not saying this was the only factor, but it was certainly a major one.  And I can see this in action in my life today.  Believe me, I heed my own advice on how to stop anxiety naturally every day.

If it’s been a few days since I’ve worked out, or if I’ve been stuck inside for a while due to lousy weather, I start to feel antsy, anxious and go a little bit stir-crazy.  But if I can get outside for a nice long walk, jog, bike ride, or drag myself to the gym, I always feel soooo much better afterwards.

As many people have said before, exercise is nature’s antidepressant, so prescribe yourself some today!  Learning how to stop anxiety naturally does require you to get off your butt and get outside.  It may seem like a pain at first, but I guarantee you’ll feel better once you’ve pushed yourself to get up and get moving!


how to stop anxiety naturally



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  1. stephen boyle June 16, 2012:

    I recieved your book and online package awaile back my story is similar to yours. Im doing much better now and just want to say thanks for your help. Just one question, i fel im not to far away from make a full recovery but was wondering is it possible to going back to having a few drinks. I miss been out with friends the weekend and enjoying a few beers, i did try 2weeks ago and it put me right back i was in a bad way for a week. Anyway looking forward to hearing for you.

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    1. Steve P. August 8, 2012:

      Good luck I’m sure it will help.

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